Oct 18, 2018

You know it’s almost November!

How did that happen?!?!

Well, there you go, time really does just fly.

I’ve been keeping my head down for the most part these days. Back in August, the other guy on the account went on a two weeks vacation which was good actually. I mean, it was insanely busy, I think I managed about 110 hours for the two weeks and that meant good overtime.Yet, those days were long, long, long and there was a lot to do.

On the plus side, it was WAY QUIET in other ways.

My opposite number is very loud. He happens to be one of those people who needs a lot of attention and is constantly beating a path to lodge his nose up the rectum of anyone who he things might affect his career.


It’s not something I’ve been alone in noticing and really as long as it doesn’t affect me I wouldn’t care except that there are times it affects me in a big way. You work with someone and everything with them is a fight. You want to do things a different way (that might be a little easier and better) and it becomes about someone getting their way even if they’re wrong.

Honestly, I am too old at this point to waste my time with this stupidity.

Anyway, because you can’t tell someone things or at least they won’t listen, there are explosions from time to time when things go wrong. I mean along the lines of a project getting the end of the process and the sudden discovery of something really, really wrong.

Our junior account person will shuttle jobs between the two of us and I’ve been working to discourage that because I’ve been left holding the bag in the past and I’m pretty tired of it. I’m not a believer in throwing people under the bus and I’m about teamwork but then you realize some other people aren’t like that.

Then, our senior account person loves having her throat tickled by having the other guy’s nose up her ass so I’ve been getting marginalized as well.

Mind you, this is fine with me because honestly, put me on another account!

There is nothing about the account that I am on that’s easy and it’s one of the more difficult accounts in the shop. I’ve busted my ass on it but I haven’t been getting the credit I should be getting because I keep my nose down and do my work.

Well someone went on vacation for two weeks and you know what happened?

Everything went PERFECTLY! LOL! I mean, there was a ton of work that went through, I had design adaptation work to do as well as production and people did notice (let’s put it this way, even the client noticed). I had to job work out to another site in the company and I had things set up in a way that it all went off without a hitch and shipped on deadline.

Then someone came back from vacation and all of a sudden the error rate started climbing again.

We also had a review around that time which was a bit of a joke and more than a little discouraging. Simply put, it was a clear signal on the part of management not to do anything other than the barest minimum. Not a motivator in the slightest and I did have discussions afterwards with several key people (because it was the senior account person doing reviews which she had no business doing for me). My boss was actually pretty good about things as was HR. At least enough to dissuade me from simply walking out.

As things progressed over the next few weeks though and my friend fresh off vacation started up again, I had a conversation making it very clear I was ready to move onto something else in the shop. My new boss, I actually like him quite a bit and he’s far and away a complete delight compared to his predecessor so that’s a plus indeed.

I did make clear to him though about things I was unhappy with overall and why things keep going wrong on this account (and how I’m fairly tired of taking the hit on things that are not my doing). Considering how things operated in the other guys absence, it wasn’t a hard argument to win if you catch my drift.

I’m still waiting to see what happens on that front but they have me doing some work on other accounts and the funny thing is that there still seem to be problems on the account with the work the nose keeps doing.

I’ve just been tired though and I realized the other day that everything that happened over the course of the year had just taken a huge toll on me and I’ve been in a pretty deep funk. Just so much in terms of drama went on all the way from January through June I can’t say it didn’t affect me and I look around and realize just how much it has in terms of the startling amount of lassitude I’ve suffered from.

It’s depression, I know it but then there’s dealing with it and for anyone that hasn’t suffered from depression... well I can’t really tell you how all consuming that can be. It’s akin to trying to explain the color blue to a dog (dog’s only see black and white). There’s so much through the years I’ve tried to push my way through this and even with all that work it’s still a struggle.

Anyway, I’ve been reading quite a bit over the last several months again which I am happy about... made my way through the Dark Tower series and now am just churning through anything in print that’s part of The Expanse series. I’m up to the fifth or sixth book now and I’ve made short work of one of the novellas.

This is something that is an especially enjoyable part of my day, the commute and reading. I’m still not happy about the amount of time I spend commuting but the reading part is good indeed.

And I am just about finished with something I’ve been writing now for the last couple of months. It’s not anything I can directly share because of the content but I can say that whenever I do get something out there, I’ve managed to get lots of eyes on it and a great response. Now, I’ll have to work in a more productive area though.

So, that’s what’s been going on and if you’re still around these parts, HI!

The blog now is 15 years old, I can’t believe it!

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